Rubbermaid Hand Hygiene Station with Alcohol Free Hand Rub and Black Dispenser Bundle

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  • Rubbermaid Hand Hygiene Station - Black Steel Free-Standing Station - FG750824 Bundle with black and Black dispenser and 2 refills Rubbermaid 1000ml Alcohol Free Hand Rub - RVU11585
  • Black AutoFoam Dispenser - FG750127
  • 1100ml Alcohol Free Hand Rub - RVU11585
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Rubbermaid Hand Hygiene Station with Black AutoFoam Dispenser and Alcohol Free Hand Rub Bundle

Rubbermaid's Hand Hygiene Station with Black AutoFoam Dispenser and two Alcohol Free Hand Rub Refills is the ideal solution for providing staff and the public with a visual reminder to sanitise their hands, and is suitable for environments where the use of alcohol is not permitted. The free-standing nature of the design allows it to be positioned in areas of high traffic, while enabling the attachment of an AutoFoam dispenser without the need to drill walls.

Bundle Contents

1x Black Steel Hand Hygiene Station - FG750824
1x 1100ml Black AutoFoam Dispenser - FG750127
2x 1100ml Alcohol Free Hand Rub - RVU11585

Features and Benefits – Hand Hygiene Station

Free-standing station allows for dispenser placement without the need to drill walls
Weighted base provides extra stability
Durable steel construction provides excellent product longevity

Features and Benefits - AutoFoam Soap Dispenser

Capable of lasting up to 3 years or 120,000 hand washes, the AutoFoam dispenser boasts industry-leading battery life
Hands-free operation helps control the growth of microorganisms on the skin
New pump supplied with each refill, combined with advanced sensor technology, reduces the risk of mess, clogs and leaks
Refill level and battery life indicators
ADA compliant force and one-handed operation
Comes with lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Up to 30x more capacity than other foam systems
Up to 5x more hand washes than traditional bag-in-box
Up to 2750 hand washes per refill

Features and Benefits - Alcohol Free Hand Rub

Helps control the growth of microorganisms on the skin
Safe, non-flammable, alcohol-free formula is non-toxic
Ideal for use in environments where vandalism occurs or where solution may be prone to misuse
High-capacity refill can deliver up to 2,750 hand washes
Pouch refills ensure that all fluid can be evacuated before disposal, reducing waste
Hygienically sealed pouch eliminates the risk of contamination


Hygiene Station Dimensions: W42 x H158 x D25.5cm
Dispenser Capacity: 1100ml
Dispenser Dimensions: W13.16 x H27.58 x D13.34cm
Dispenser Type: Automatic
Refill Capacity: 1100ml
Refill Type: Pouch

Additional Notes

When fixing the dispenser to the mounting plate of the hand hygiene station, Rubbermaid recommend that the included hardware (4 x nuts and bolts) should be used to ensure maximum security. However, if using the double-sided tape, the instructions below should be followed to provide maximum adhesion.

Attaching an AutoFoam Dispenser to the Hand Hygiene Station Using the Double-Sided Tape

1. Give the mounting plate of the hand hygiene station a thorough clean with the alcohol wipe that comes with the dispenser, and leave to dry
2. Once dry, and before installing the batteries and refill, remove the backing paper from the tape that is already attached to the rear of the dispenser, and stick to the mounting plate
3. Leave as long as possible (ideally 24 hours) to allow the tape to bond with the surface of the mounting plate, thus ensuring maximum adhesion

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