Ecospill - Oil Only 120L Spill Kit in 2 Wheeled Bin - Response Kit

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Ecospill Oil Only Response Kit – 120 Litres

Designed as a total ‘one stop’ package for containing and cleaning up oil spillages, Ecospill’s Oil Only Response Kit features all the necessary equipment to ensure spill hazards are dealt with in a fast and effective manner. Consisting of highly absorbent oil pads, socks and pillows that, due to hydrophobic technology, repel water, this kit can be deployed safe in the knowledge that its efficacy will not be affected by the unwanted absorption of fluids other than oil. The bin can also be used as a storage facility for all spill kit elements, ensuring that all required tools are in one location, and can be easily transported to where it is required

Kit Contents

1 x 120L Yellow Wheelie Bin (P5020130)
60 x Pads (H0415040)
10 x Hazardous Waste Bags & Ties (A0115050)
8 x Classic Oil Only Pillows (H2053823)
4 x Premier Oil Only Sock (H0430712)

Features and Benefits

Durable 120L polyethylene bin is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Robust rubber wheels are capable of withstanding rigorous terrain when transporting wheelie bin to spill location
Moulded rear handle provides ergonomic handling and manoeuvrability, even when bin is fully loaded
Manufactured from polypropylene, the sonic bonded Ecospill Oil Only Premium Pads provide excellent absorbency and can hold up to 0.8L of fluid
Hazardous waste bags facilitate the safe disposal of used absorbents such as pads, pillows or socks.
Designated labelling area on waste bag provides easy identification of contents and category of waste
Durable plastic ties ensure that hazardous waste bags remain sealed and inaccessible
Classic Oil Only Pillows feature spunbond layer for fast wicking, stitched side walls and are hydrophobic to prevent the absorption of water
Oil Only Pillows are Capable of absorbing 3.8L of fluid, including diesel, petrol, cooking oil and are ideal for catching leaks under machinery or for large scale spills in hard to reach areas
Premier Oil Only Socks feature spunbond exterior and are filled with recycled hydrophobic materials that repels water while absorbing oils
Hydrophobic properties enable socks to float on water and are ideal for use in areas where surface water is present
Oil Only socks are capable of absorbing 4.5L per unit


Capacity: 120L
Dimensions: W49 x H93 x D55cm
Material: Polyethylene

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