Rubbermaid Hygen Microfibre Wet Mop 40 cm Coded Green

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  • Rubbermaid Hygen Microfibre Wet Mop 40 cm Coded Green
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Rubbermaid Colour-Coded HYGEN Microfibre Wet Mop Pad - Green

Rubbermaid's Colour-Coded HYGEN Microfibre Wet Mop Pads, part of the Workplace Essentials range, are the perfect way to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Manufactured to the same high standards of other HYGEN Microfibre Mop Pads, the Colour-Coded Wet Mop Pad features the familiar patented zig-zag scrubbing strips that make removing stubborn stains easy, while the high-absorbency performance facilitates the retention of up to 0.7L of fluid. The Colour-Coded Hygen Wet Mop Pads also reduce water usage by up to 90% meaning that the environmental impact of water waste is significantly lower than with other mop pads

Features and Benefits

Patented zig-zag scrubbing strips make easy work of tough, dried on stains
Coloured edging bands help facilitate the application of colour-coded systems to prevent cross contamination
Reduce sorting time for pads that have been laundered thanks to the easily identifiable coloured banding
Prevents confusion due to language barrier
Attaches to mop head using Velcro
High absorbency mop that is capable of holding up to 0.7L of fluid
Can withstand up to 500 launderings (200 with chlorine) without causing degradation to the performance of appearance

Suitable for use with Pulse mop systems FGQ96958, 1861160 and 40cm HYGEN Quick-Connect Frame R034562


Dimensions: W40 x H1.6 x D14cm
Material: Microfibre (67% microfibre, 22% polyester, 11% polypropylene)

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