Vectair SensaDri® Hand Dryer - 230v - Chrome

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  • SENSADRI-EU-C - SensaDri® Hand Dryer 230v - Chrome - Front - Infra-red, Touch-free Operation Eliminates the Need to Make Contact with Potentially Contaminated Surfaces
  • SENSADRI-EU-C - SensaDri® Hand Dryer 230v - Chrome - Side - Invizi-Touch® Antimicrobial Silver Ion Protection Reduces Germs and Bacteria that Travel Through the Dryer
  • SENSADRI-EU-C - SensaDri® Hand Dryer 230v - Chrome - Rear - Ideal for Wall-Mounting in Busy Environments Like Restaurants, Stadiums, Concert Halls, Education Facilities and More
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Vectair SensaDri® Automatic Hand Dryer - 230v – Chrome

Designed to provide an effective and cost-efficient alternative to paper towels, Vectair’s SensaDri® Automatic Hand Dryer offers fast, hygienic, touch-free hand drying that simultaneously blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture for a complete drying experience. Capable of drying hands in up to 15 seconds, the SensaDri® features a blue LED that indicates the optimum hand drying position, while the latest motor technology offers 3,600 hours of use and low noise output of 78 dBA

Features and Benefits

Robust aluminium pressure die-cast construction provides durable hand drying solution that can withstand the rigours of fast moving, high-traffic environments
Long-lasting lifespan of up to 3,600 hours when compared with standard air dryers that offer up to 1,000
Consumes less than 1kw of power to provide a low cost, low carbon alternative to other hand dryers or paper towels
Infra-red, touch-free operation protects users from coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces for a hygienic hand drying experience
Optimal hand drying zone is highlighted by a blue LED
Blows water off hands and causes residual moisture to evaporate leaving them completely dry in 15 seconds
Air path has been treated with Invizi-Touch® antimicrobial silver ion protection to help reduce number of germs and bacteria travelling through the dryer
Industry leading sound level reduction at 78 dBA, making SensaDri® one of the quietest dryers on the market
Cheaper to run than conventional hand dryers – 200 washes over 365 days per year costs approximately £43
Ideal for high traffic environments such as restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, office, public toilets, stadiums and more
Comes with 7-year manufacturer’s warranty


Dimensions: W25.7 x H30 x D18.5cm
Material: Aluminium Pressure Die Cast
Finish: Chrome Plated
Motor: 5,500 – 6,000 RPM
Mains Input: 220/240V
Sensor Range: 10cm
Rated Power: <1kw
Noise Rating: 78dBA
Dry Time: 15 seconds
Maximum On-Time: 85 Seconds

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