Vollrath High-Temperature Spatula - 34.3cm

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  • 52023 - Vollrath High Temperature Spatula - 34.3cm - Thoughtfully designed and versatile spatula that can handle high temperatures of up to 260°C
  • 52023 - Vollrath High Temperature Spatula - 34.3cm - Unique handle design provides comfortable grip for a pleasurable user experience
  • 52023 - Vollrath High Temperature Spatula - 34.3cm - One-piece design prevents unhygienic build-up of food in problematic spaces
  • 52023 - Vollrath High Temperature Spatula - 34.3cm - Rubber nubs prevent spatula blade touching surfaces which reduces risk of contamination
  • 52023 - Vollrath High Temperature Spatula - 34.3cm - Perfect for domestic or commercial kitchens
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Vollrath High-Temperature Spatula – 34.3cm

Manufactured to withstand temperatures of 260°C (500°F) and safe for use with non-stick cookware, the Vollrath High-Temperature Spatula has been thoughtfully designed to meet your highest expectations. Featuring a flexible contoured silicone blade that enables easy scraping or scooping of foods and unique handle design that provides a comfortable grip, Vollrath’s High-Temperature Spatula will be an ideal addition to any domestic or commercial kitchen.

Features and Benefits

Contoured silicone blade enables easy scraping and scooping of food items
Durable nylon handle features unique, ergonomic design to provide comfortable grip and enjoyable user experience
Both handle and blade are heat-resistant up to 260°C (500°F)
One-piece design eliminates unsanitary food traps for improved hygiene and cleanliness
Rubber nubs help prevent blade from touching counter surfaces thus reducing the risk of contamination
Dishwasher safe design facilitates easy cleaning
Compatible with non-stick cookware


Dimensions: W7 x H1.9 x D34.3cm
Handle Dimensions: W2.6 x H1.9 x D26.8cm
Blade Dimensions: W7 x D7.5cm
Temperature Resistance Threshold: 260°C/500°F
Material: Nylon/Silicone

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