Return to Work Survey: Help Rubbermaid to Help You

Return to Work Survey: Help Rubbermaid to Help You

With the UK Government now easing lockdown, and providing guidance regarding the nation’s return to work, many businesses will have begun the process of planning how employees can safely go back to their workplaces while easing anxieties and preventing an increase in the rate of infection. As a result, Rubbermaid Commercial Products Europe has launched the Return to Work Survey, which will help them better understand how to support, and meet the needs of businesses, their customers, staff and visitors as they begin to move forward in a world where society may need to co-exist with COVID-19.

What is the purpose of the survey?

By partaking in the survey, your responses will help Rubbermaid determine how the “fallout from the pandemic will affect businesses.” This will include:

  • The apprehensions businesses have moving forward with re-opening
  • Important factors in businesses’ preparation planning
  • Anticipated changes in customer interaction
  • The lasting impact of COVID-19 on business

Once completed, the results will enable Rubbermaid to identify the best ways to connect with businesses, while also supporting them throughout their re-opening and transition to a "new normal". Rubbermaid also hope that the results will aid them in adapting and/or updating communications and supporting materials to meet the specific requirements of industry across Europe.

Participants will also receive a summary of the results that will offer insight into the current state of the market, and how other business are making their preparations for re-opening.

How long does it take?

The survey takes approximately 15-20 mins to complete

Where can I complete the Survey?

The Return to Work Survey is completed online and is available in four languages. If you wish to take part in the survey, click the appropriate language link below to be automatically redirected to the appropriate website. 

For English, click here

For Dutch, click here

For French, click here

For German, click here

4th Jun 2020 Mike Roke

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