Vectair P-Screen® - Ice Cool

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  • P-SCREEN ICE - Vectair P-Screen® - Ice Cool - World's First Fully Recyclable Triple Action Urinal Screen
  • P-SCREEN ICE - Vectair P-Screen® - Ice Cool - Washroom - Flexible Material Allows Screen to Mould to All Urinals for Optimum Protection Against Debris
  • Vectair P-Screen® - Ice Cool
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Vectair P-Screen® - Ice Cool

Winner of the 2019 ISSA Innovation Honouree Award and the 2020 Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Award, Vectair’s P-Screen® is the world’s first triple action urinal screen, providing up to 60 days service. Featuring an active central core that contains enzyme producing bacteria capable of degrading organic matter and bad odours, the P-Screen® offers dual fragrance release while also protecting against the build-up of scale caused by uric salts. Its flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate construction enables the screen to mould to most urinals, providing optimum protection from the ingress of debris such as cigarettes, chewing gum, paper and more. Suitable for both traditional and waterless urinal systems, the deep bubble and bristle design help protect against splash back ensuring users and urinal areas are kept clean

Features and Benefits

Fully recyclable construction provides an environmentally responsible solution to combatting debris and bad odours in urinals
Deep bubble and bristle design provide optimum splash back protection without obstructing drainage and flow
Triple action technology offers dual fragrance release and enzyme protection
Active central core contains naturally occurring bacteria that produces enzymes capable of degrading organic matter, such as uric salt, and eliminate bad smells
Provides powerful odour control for up to 60 days
Flexible material allows screen to mould to shape of urinals or drains allowing them to be used in most washrooms without affecting performance
Large integrated grip pad facilitates fast, easy installation and removal
Free from harmful propellants, solvents, and VOC exempt
Suitable for use in traditional and waterless urinals
Ice Cool is a strong/medium intensity fragrance that takes notes of mandarin, papaya, bergamot, and citrus, delicately balanced with nutmeg, violet, rose, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and green tea to create a light, fresh aroma
Winner of the 2019 ISSA Innovation Hounouree Award and the 2020 Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Award

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Dimensions: W19.4 x H4.1 x D19.4cm
Material: EVA
Weight: 17g
Fragrance Intensity: 2 (Strong/Medium)

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