Vectair V-Air® Solid Evolution - Citrus Mango

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  • VEVO CITRUS - Vectair V-Air® Solid Evo - Citrus Mango - Fully Recyclable Odour Control Refill that Does Not Need Batteries and is Free From Harmful Propellants
  • VEVO CITRUS - Vectair V-Air® Solid Evo - Citrus Mango - Carbon Neutral Air Care
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Vectair V-Air® Solid Evo – Citrus Mango

Designed for use with the Vectair V-Air® Solid MVP Dispenser, the V-Air Solid Evolution is a multi-phasing, passive fragrance cartridge that delivers continuous odour control via an environment’s natural airflow. Consisting of a large moulded EVA outer shell that is 100% recyclable, and internal core made from seaweed, the V-Air® Solid Evo distributes powerful and effective fragrances that combat fragrance fatigue in a revolutionary way, without harming the environment

Features and Benefits

Free from harmful propellants and VOC exempt to provide a safe, environmentally responsible air freshener
Battery-free operation eliminates the need to buy, store, replace and dispose of batteries for cost-effective, hassle-free odour control
Utilises natural airflow to continuously distribute fragrances and provide superior air care
Slatted cartridge design helps enables airflow to easily access different surfaces of the refill and deliver greater fragrance performance over a larger surface area
Sub-micron technology facilitates superior fragrance delivery due to particles that are below 1.0µ and remain airborne for longer
Multi-phasing capsule is infused with high-quality perfumes and complimented by integrated internal core fragrances, helping eliminate fragrance fatigue
Fully recyclable outer shell is manufactured from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
Internal core is manufactured from seaweed, producing an environmentally sustainable product constructed from organic materials
Liquid-free design eliminates the risk of spills, drips, or leaks
Capable of providing coverage of up to 170m³, or 6,000 cubic feet for up to 60 days
Suitable for use in or out of washrooms in a range of environments, including airports, casinos, cinemas, gyms, homes, healthcare settings and more
Meets the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting following a footprint calculation and BSI PAS 2060 specification for carbon neutrality
Citrus Mango is a strong intensity fragrance that blends citrus peel and juicy berries that slowly reveal hints of vanilla ice cream, before releasing a crescendo of peach and mango musk

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Dimensions: W5.5 x H10.5 x D5.5cm
Weight: 150g
Fragrance Intensity: 3 (Subtle)

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